Develop authentic Leadership and Partnership abilities!

I have experienced a few authentic, effortless and impactful moments in which others were deeply engaged and responsive...
How can I consistently be there ?

Build connected and trustworthy relationships!

I sometimes connect well with others, build trust, develop balanced, beneficial, and long-lasting relationships...
How can I consistently build and sustain those kind of relationships ?

Inspire a sense of purpose and offer growth!

I have seen myself being deeply inspired and passionate, able to engage and nurture others, embodying and sharing a meaningful purpose...
How can I consistently be there ?

Be result oriented

Executives trust and empower people. They walk the talk and are first in line. They are demanding and do the job in pursuit of results.

Be people centered

Executives are focused on those around them who have placed their trust in them. They are guided by qualities of their mind and their heart.

Be inner driven

Executives are motivated from a strong sense of purpose and deep values. They have passion and demonstrate self-awareness and self-discipline.

Be growth focused

Executives unleash the energy and creativity of people. They put the development and the success of their teams ahead of their own self-interest.

How it works

While trait- and strengths-based models define what good Leadership, Partnership, and Speakership looks like and achieves, they do not touch on that core identity unique to each Leader, Partner, and Speaker.
We have developed a series of powerful authentic pratices that energize and activate a person’s internal mindset for successful development and results.

The fundamentals are:
Connecting with others: Developing our influence through a responsive and caring way of being.
Providing a meaningful purpose: Developing our confidence through a strong and shared sense of purpose.
Building trust : Developping our credibility through an authentic and transparent way of being.
Speaking for impact: Inspiring our audience by shaping our body and connecting with our senses.
Staying in zone: Identifying and correcting our tendencies, our emotional and rational biases through self-awareness and self-mastery.
Managing dilemmas: managing the tension between empathy and assertiveness.

“ People buy into the leader before the buy into the vision...“ John Maxwell

“ When you become a leader, your challenge is to inspire others, develop them, and create change through them...   Jaime Irick

“ The secret of a leader lies in the tests he has faced over the whole course of his life and the habit of action he develops in meeting those tests...  Gail Sheedy

Who we are

    We are a transformational leadership and partnership firm focused on fostering inspiration, authentic connections, effective speaking, personal mastery, and high performance.


What we do

    We coach or train executives, their teams and their organizations, on Leadership and Partnership cores practices.

    We manage or facilitate their transformation projects embodying cores practices as authentic Leaders and Partners.



    LEADERSHIP practice (to inspire and be followed by your teams).

    PARTNERSHIP practice (to influence and collaborate with your peers).

    SPEAKERSHIP practice (to connect and engage your audience).


Discover and develop your own distinctive
Leadership, Partnership, and Speakership!

As a leader, a partner, a speaker, offering a meaningful purpose and truly connecting with people is critical to build trust, to trigger growth, and to pave the way to success.