• Leadership

    How do great leaders provide a strong sense of purpose, truly connect with their teams, build trust and engagement to deliver growth and performance?

    Authentic Leadership Practice
    • Examining their life stories, identifying a meaningful purpose, growing passion for it, and sharing it.
    • Building a genuine and responsive way of being with their teams, serving and developing them.
    • Managing the tension between empathy and assertiveness, and developing self-awareness and self-discipline.

  • Partnership

    How do great Partners manage complex and high stakes negotiations, achieve beneficial and balanced outcomes and build long-lasting collaborations?

    Authentic Negotiation Practice
    • Focus on people and relationships (as much as on information and logic) and take into account perceptions and emotions.
    • Unleash your creativity and invent best options for all by creating a joint problem-solving environment and by combining empathy and assertiveness.
    • Overcome hard bargainers, neutralize power moves and regain control of negotiations.

    How do great Partners resolve conflicts, rebuild relationships and restart collaborations that engenders growth and fulfillment?

    Authentic Mediation & Conflict Resolution Practice
    • Develop an inner abilitiy to listen and acknowledge the other side's positions, interests and allow emotions to burst.
    • Encourage the other party to imagine possibilities and to envision a shared future, and help them to craft their own solutions.
    • Strengthen and re-establish good working relationships, build commitment and engagement, and work out self-enforcing agreements.

  • Speakership

    How great speakers manage their anxiety, shape their speech and body, inspire and connect with their audience, and deliver exceptional performance?

    Authentic Speakership Practice
    • Identify what is at stake, what results do you want your speech to produce on your audience.
    • Focus on how you feel about the speech (rather than what you want to say) and develop passion.
    • Engage and connect with your audience, maintain eye contact, and trust your senses and do what you feel natural and appropriate.
    • Build your own style, be credible, clear and authentic, and deliver inspiring and memorable talks.